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Why It's Better to Stay at an Apartment Than a Hotel When Visiting Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Having loved one's go for major surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is a stressful time for any family. Having to stay miles away from that loved one can also add to that stress and make it difficult for the family to stay connected. However, having a place to stay that is close to the hospital, can help the person recover quicker, and allows the family to stay connected. However, do you stay in a fully furnished apartment or a hotel room? Below is a list of why it's better to stay in an apartment than in a hotel room during this period while your loved one recovers from their surgery.


Value for money is a key factor, and a major reason, when making a choice between an apartment and hotel room when looking for accommodation close to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Usually, with any surgery or medical procedure, the costs are often high so finding the best value for money that is also close to the hospital is vital. You don't need to add to the current stress levels by putting a financial burden on your family. Majority of the time, booking a single hotel room is more expensive than an booking a 3 bedroom apartment. This also provides you with a better opportunity to move freely and openly without many restrictions at a much better rate that's easier to manage financially. See point on Privacy and Freedom below.

Space and Comfort

A fully furnished apartment allows you to feel right at home, and have more space to move around, especially if the entire family needs to be there, and be yourself. Most hotels have overwhelming small rooms at expensive rates with very little comfort or extras. An apartment also gives you the ability to use the facilities at no extra cost, for you to feel at home, and to have a space that is entirely yours for the duration of your stay. They also, generally, have a lot more amenities and other facilities on offer that most hotels don't offer or charge at an extra rate.

Privacy and Freedom

Limited privacy and freedom could be a restriction when staying at a hotel as most don't have a lot to offer other than a bed, TV and other small comforts. Staying in an apartment is the better option as it allows you to come and go as you please in order to visit the family member in Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and gives you the privacy you need during this stressful period. Apartments near Northwestern Hospital also give you the opportunity to explore the city of Chicago while still being close to the hospital.

Feel at Home

A lot of people love having food delivered to their doorstep or being served on a daily basis, but often, most people also prefer having the ability to eat on the sofa or other areas of their home. This is not always possible in a hotel room. It's often very limited in where you can eat and what you can eat as some hotels don't allow for food to be brought in from outside and have to be purchased from the Room Service menu. Apartments on the other hand are only limited by your cooking ability. If you have an inner Jamie Oliver, all the ingredients you need, then an apartment is the option for you as it allows you to feel right at home and prepare food the way you like it and to your taste.

24 Hour Support

Having 24 hours of support during your stay is vital as it gives you the opportunity to check-in early and check-out late. Most hotels do offer this, but often at an extra charge. They also do have personal concierge services available, but this is often only available to premium members or guests staying in the suites. Apartments on the other hand, often include this as part of their package at a much cheaper rate. This type of service is key to making the most of your stay while you visit the family member who is in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Ample Amenities

Apartments offer a ton of amenities that hotels don't necessarily offer. Amenities like a fully-equipped kitchen, lounge area, TV, laundry machines, etc. are often standard in an apartment. These types of amenities are vital to make you feel more at home while visiting a family member in Northwestern Memorial Hospital. You also have access to gyms, swimming pools, saunas, games rooms, bars, and other high-end amenities that most hotels don't offer. This, again, gives you great value for money while visiting a family member who is at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Hotels and apartments have fantastic advantages. It's upon you to decide on what option satisfies your needs. As you plan to spend quality time alone or with loved ones, make your choices based on your budget and accommodation options in store for you.

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