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What Makes a Luxury Apartment better than a Hotel Room?

The Chicago serviced apartment sector is thriving at a rapid pace in the tourism industry. This is partially due to the increasing awareness about the facilities travelers get with such bookings. Still, it is not universally understood or known. However, with growing understanding, more and more people are starting to appreciate the beauty of serviced apartments. Compared to hotels, these have their own uniqueness and provide a homely atmosphere that travelers get with no other means of accommodation. There are many reasons why more and more travelers visiting Chicago are turning to luxury apartment stays rather than going for the conventional vacation accommodation i.e. hotels.

With most luxury vacation apartments in Chicago you get the following facilities and amenities topped with hotel-like services:

  • Large size closets
  • Gyms
  • Kitchen for cooking
  • Rec room
  • Washer and dryer
  • Availability of a concierge 24x7
  • Free WiFi
  • All home comforts
  • Swimming pool
  • Goods that are Made-to-order
  • Detailed and perfectly finished interiors
  • Living room

Here are some added benefits that travelers avail with luxury serviced apartments

  • More space
  • Complete privacy
  • Flexibility in your holiday
  • A secure entry
  • Better booking prices (especially for long stays)


There is no other benefits at par with this feature of luxury apartment stays, as any traveler would want to make the most of their time without getting frequent interruptions in between. You might think of hotel rooms as being the most private spaces, but as soon as you step outside your room door, the hotel building becomes a crowded shared space. Even getting a booking for a suite doesn’t offer you the same amount of privacy that you get in serviced apartments. In simple words, people who book vacation rentals in their holidays get the same amount of privacy that is available in their homes.

With better flexibility, you can easily make your stay flexible according to your requirements. On holidays, flexibility is the most important aspect to look for. With serviced apartments, you get to eat whatever and whenever you want to, or get everything cleaned according to your demand. Here, you’re having complete privacy with control. These are usually available with washing and kitchen amenities and you get the freedom that you’ve always wanted on your vacation.

Budget friendliness

Slowly people are starting to notice that serviced furnished apartments are the best cheap alternatives to hotel rooms with the best prices for the provided facilities. In serviced apartments, you get charged on per room basis, whereas in hotels you get charged on per person basis.

Chicago serviced apartments are some of the best places to spend your holiday when considering the area you get on your booking. You get much more space with separate areas and rooms, providing you with the feeling of spaciousness. More space is always an added benefit if you’re planning your stay for more than a night.

Now, making a comparison for space, you get a lot more facilities for the amount that you’ve invested. Also, you get to save on any additional expenses such as the internet, food, and laundry as all these are quite cost-efficient compared to hotels.

Optimum comfort and facilities for the requirements of business travelers

If you’re on a business or work trip, you could get a variety of advantages while booking serviced apartments rather than hotels. Firstly, most serviced apartment listings nowadays offer dedicated work spaces with desk and chair - this works much better than working in bed and eventually falling asleep.

This is a prominent feature for long-duration stays and also becomes increasingly important. In this case, you’re simply in a home situated away from home as you get all the comforts of family-owned house with a homely feeling.

You can save a lot of costs with all premium features of hotels with other features as well. Two-bed apartments are quite cheap compared to 2 travelers. Also, you save on laundry and food expenses with the offered facilities.

Celebrations and events

This wasn’t expected as a feature for serviced apartments as most wedding planners book hotels for accommodating wedding guests. For prominent occasions in life such as a wedding, it is important to have milestone birthdays and anniversaries and large party groups can easily become accommodated in the most comfortable way in the same building. Serviced apartments are nowadays available with studio bedrooms for four where guests can relax after participating in the celebrations.

Later on, you can easily enjoy relaxed celebrations and a lot of family and friends easily benefit from services, space, and freedom of having their own apartment besides having the convenience of being closely located to other guests.

While you get a lot of varieties of services and amenities with serviced apartments, the only challenge that most travelers face is booking the right type of apartments that suit well with their requirements. With increasing popularity day after day, more people are turning their spaces to luxury serviced apartments ideal for vacations and events.

Extended services and facilities

What would you assume to be the best part about having a home away from home in the lively Chicago Metropolitan? Well, you simply get almost everything that you want? While staying in a luxury apartment rental you won’t have to put on your precious time in the hassle of getting all things done. Wouldn’t it frustrate you if you require internet and you simply don’t have any connectivity since you’ve moved in?

In serviced apartment listings you can easily select the facilities you want to opt and you’ll be provided with a large list of apartments that serve you according to your requirements. You might go looking around for laundry rather than washing clothes on your own, or if you think of relaxing you’ve got that poolside space. You get the convenience of carefully selecting the required features for your stay.

Compared to Chicago luxury apartments, you obviously have to pay a lot more for booking your stay in Chicago hotels, that too for a lesser time period. Working out on your budget simply helps in getting finding the best possible in the most reasonable pricing. Whether you’ve booked for a family stay, or with friends, a couple, or a business trip, you’re welcomed with grace with a homely ambiance with unmatched comfort and facilities.

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