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Top Chicago-based events you need to attend

The events hosted in Chicago are not just events, they are events that make people assemble and connect in a quite unusual and magical way. When people attend an outdoor or indoor city event, they disengage from their everyday lives and let the positive upbeat of the crowd drive them. Besides, the events always include certain activities that allow you to escape for a bit and help you bring into focus the things that really matter such as socializing and interacting with other people from different walks of life.

Starting a conversation with a person who attends the same event that you do, is like speaking to a friend rather than a stranger. Every event is like an open door for communication. You can talk about the number of people attending it, the organization, the positive vibration, the settings, or even about the weather. The topics are limitless and the experience unmatched.

Chicago has so many different annual events and it can be quite tricky to keep track of the best events to attend, but we’ve put together a list of the top Chicago-based events you need to attend or at least experience.

Chicago Marathon

Held every October, the Chicago Marathon is not only a race but also a charity program. Ever since 2002, the charity program has been raising money for various local and international charitable causes. The sum of $168 million (public-spirited money) that has been raised over the years, isn’t something that can go unnoticed.

If you’re not a running pro, and if you can’t pass the qualification of the required running speed-time, and still want to run, there are two other ways you can enter the race. The first way is to participate in the lottery, but don’t worry this is not the kind of a lottery where only one in a million win. There have been cases where more than half of the lottery participants have been drawn to enter the race.

The second way, however, is to appear in the race as a representative of an approved charity. But to become a representative of a charity, you have to raise more than $1,500 (noncommercial money) during the months preceding the marathon.

The Chicago Marathon attracts over 45 000 participants every single year.

Taste of Chicago

Ever since the very first Taste of Chicago, help on the 4th of July 1980, the number of people attending has never stopped growing. Today, the famous five-day festival, sees more than 1.5 million people attend every year, and is the largest food festival in the world.

Taste of Chicago food festival takes place at Grant Park from the 10th to the 14th of July. Taking part in this festival is easy; all you need to do is purchase a ticket, which you can use for buying food and drinks. The streets are lined with food vendors, each of which belongs to a famous restaurant in Chicago. You can try a sample of the most delicious food a vendor has to offer and share your opinion about it. After all, the festival is all about tradition and competition. And that’s not all. During the festival, there are also concerts held where highly acclaimed bands and singers entertain the crowds and keep the mood end energy high.

Chicago Air and Water Show

With a little to almost no budget at all, the first show of the Chicago Air and Water Show in 1959 has grown into one of the most famous free-admission festivals in the USA.

Every year from the 17th to the 18th of August, over 2 million people take their favorite spot to watch the air show. Deft pilots performing breathtaking stunts, water-skiing exploits, and jets circling the air in perfect alignment is something you don’t want to miss. These breathtaking stunts are performed by both military and civilian pilots.

The air show happens right above Lake Michigan. So, if you want a good vantage point, go to North Avenue Beach. For an even better view, go for a ride on a cruise. You can even go to Chicago 360 if you want to see the event from a bird’s eye point of view and enjoy the Air and Water Show.


Studies have shown that dancing benefits our mood, health, and well-being. Regardless of whether you are a good or bad dancer, always remember that Lollapalooza is the kind of music festival where you can dance like no one’s watching. It is one of the longest annual music festivals in the world that lasts for four days, starting on the 13th of July and ending on the 2nd of August. The festival always takes place in Grant Park.

More than 400 000 people attend this festival every year. Every person has to go through a magnetometer screening and complete search for any prohibited items before entering inside

The festival music involves music genres such as rock, heavy metal, electronic music, and hip-hop.

Make sure you pack your binoculars, blankets, towels, and smartphones as you don’t want to miss anything or stand for the entire time you are there.

Oktoberfest - Chicago

Even though the crown for the best traditional Bavarian beer-festival belongs to Germany, Oktoberfest Chicago is a great alternative to visit.

The festival starts every year on the 27th of September and lasts for three days. Its location is always the same on the corner of Southport, Wellington and Lincoln Avenue. The price for attending this event is $10 for Friday, $10 for Saturday, and $5 for Sunday.

During the festival, there are countless concerts being held where many singers, bands on polka music dancers perform. One of the main highlights is, of course, the Craft Beer Tasting Nights, which occurs in a hall of St. Alphonsus church. Here you can taste different kinds of beers for only $50. Be sure to get there early and book your spot as there is a limit of 650 participants allowed at a time.

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