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Top Five Restaurants to Try in Chicago in 2019

During Autumn the cityscape of Chicago looks like a colorful postcard everywhere you look. The blend of red and orange hues send positive vibrations through your body, making all your exploring routes memorable and engrossing. There are so many interesting things happening in this city during Autumn. You can take part in Halloween festivals, and enjoy the scenery of the fall foliage in so many parks, including the Millennium Park, which is one of the best. You can also go on basking in the exhilaration of Oktoberfest.

And let’s not forget about all the restaurants where you can recharge your batteries whenever you feel hungry.

Besides, being home to more than 7,500 restaurants just downtown, Chicago stands as one of the best culinary cities in the world. Nothing can hold a candle to this city’s restaurants and their award-winning chefs and blue-ribbon service. No matter which restaurant you choose, you’ll always get that yummy-in-the-tummy sweet sensation, but if you want to try the very best, here’s a list of top five restaurants to try in Chicago this Autumn.


Right at the edge of the pond (on a shore shaded by trees) stands the North Pond restaurant. This restaurant neighbors Lincoln Park and it offers a majestic skyline view of the city. In 1912 the first structure of the restaurant was built which acted as a port in a storm for ice skaters. Later on, this structure has been redesigned accordingly to keep up with the modern standards without losing its historical value and importance.

The menu of North Pond is varied and delicious.

Here are some mouthwatering things that you can find on their menu:

First course: Green Zucchini, Cheddar Crisp, Nori Almonds, Toasted Garlic Meringue, and many salads, including the appetizing Grilled Onion-Parmesan Bread Salad.

Main course: Grilled Filet, Candied Pistachio Clusters, Poblano Espuma, Golden Zucchini, Romanesco, Roasted and Balsamic Figs, and Slow-Roasted Peach.

Brunch: Sunnyside Egg, Tempura Beans, Chilled Coho Salmon, Candied Beet, and Grilled Hake.


This restaurant is famous for making use of heritage breeds of livestock and cherishing extremely old recipes. Even though their recipes are old, they have improved and modernized to satisfy the existing criteria of food; something that people find very enthralling. Eating at this restaurant is like enjoying a horse carriage in the 21 century, so to speak. The Big Jones was opened in 2008 and crowned as the Best New Restaurant in 2009 by a very famous Chicago magazine. The chef and co-owner of Big Jones, Paul Fehribach, never stops surprising his customers with new food, and combining old and new recipes.

The cooks at Big Jones always cook grass-fed meat and their menu is rich and luscious. Here are some of the things that you can find on the menu:

Appetizers: Pimiento Cheese, Cheesy Corn Fritters, and Skillet Cornbread.

Sandwiches and salads: Pimiento Cheeseburger, Fried Chicken Salad, and Smoked and Smothered Pork Shoulder.

Main dish: Shrimp and Grits, Fish and Grits, and, of course, Fried Chicken, which is so good that can’t be compared to any other Fried Chicken in town.


Do you love Mexican food? If you do, Frontera Grill is the perfect place for you. Not only does it serve Mexican food, it also has a Mexican ambiance, including Mariachi music. In 1987, Rick Bayless, and his wife, Deann, opened the Frontera Grill. They literally showed the world how a Mexican restaurant in America should really look like. The whole idea for opening the Frontera Grill emerged from the long-stay that Rick and Deann had in Mexico. They were so amazed at the Mexican food, aura, and settings, that they wished to take all of that to America with them. They couldn’t think of a better way to do so than by opening their own restaurant in Chicago.

Their menu contains so many kinds of Mexican food from Smoked Chicken Taquitos (Guacamole) to Duck Carnitas and Tacos.


The bohemian and veg-centric Lula Café has won multiple awards and was named as the Great Neighborhood Restaurant by Chicago Press. Situated in Logan Square, Luna Café has been satiating the appetites of its customers for twenty years. The chef and co-owner, Jason Hammel, serves only farm-to-table food made of seasonal ingredients. Besides, Jason prepares artistic food for all kinds of occasions, such as romantic dinners, weddings, business meetings, and cocktail parties.

Luna Café is famous in the neighborhood for its budget-friendly drinks and finger-licking food.

Here are some of the things that you can find on their menu.

Breakfast: Classic Lula Burrito, Grain Bowl, Buttermilk Pancakes, and Tofu and Vegetable Scramble.

Dinner: Summer Apple Risotto, Corn Blini, Charcoal Grilled Heirloom Tomato, and Chilled Corn Soup.

Brunch: Brioche French Toast, Plums and Prosciutto, and Granola.


For over thirty years, Everest has been considered as one of the best restaurants in town. Situated in the Chicago Stock Exchange building on the 40th floor, this French restaurant offers a breathtaking skyline view, which makes everything seem so small down on the far-off streets. Everest can easily claim the title of being the most romantic eatery in Chicago.

The chef and owner, Joho, who is from France, knows best how to satisfy the appetite of his guests. The food he makes is incomparable.

Here are some of the things that you can find on his menu.

Starters: Michigan Corn Soup, Pickled Radishes, Home Smoked Salmon Naturel, and Brioche Croutons.

Main course: Double Smoked Bacon, Filet of Sole New Meunière, Magret of Mulard Duck, and Braised Spaghetti Squash.

Desserts: Kukicha Shiraore, Fruits d’Alsace, and Lemon Verveine.

We hope that our list of top five restaurants to try in Chicago this 2019 has been helpful to you and that you will make the most of your trip and indulge a little bit and tick these restaurants off on your bucket list.

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