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In Chicago for a weekend? These are the best 8 things to do!

Chicago is a great city to spend a lot of time in. However, not every family has the availability to visit the city for a long stretch of time. Sometimes, families may only have a weekend to spend in the Windy City, and that’s OK, too.

With so much to do in and around Chicago, though, it may be hard to decide which family activities to do and which to pass on in your jam-packed weekend. As such, we’ve put together a sample itinerary for any family who wants to get the most out of their weekend trip to Chicago.

Friday Afternoon: Check into Your Room

You arrive in Chicago late in the afternoon after the adults have taken the day off from work to finalize packing and round up the kiddos to get to your destination on time. Upon arrival in the city, your first move will be to check into your luxury apartment you have booked with ENVITAE.

The place you have booked for your family is waiting for your arrival, clean as a whistle. You settle into your place, unpacking the travel essentials you brought with you, and realizing you made the right choice booking a place with ENVITAE.

Friday Night: It’s Pizza Time!

Friday night is traditionally pizza night at your house, so why switch things up just because you’re on vacation? For a little bit of a twist to your Friday pizza night tradition, though, you and the family will get to savor Chicago’s deep dish pizza specialties.

There are loads of fantastic restaurants to go to, and if you could, you might choose to try a little from each. You can’t go wrong with pizza for a family activity, and you can’t go wrong no matter which place you choose to dine at. From Lou Malnati’s, to Connie’s, to Bonci, to Vito and Nick’s, to Giordano’s, a delicious pizza awaits your family on matter where you go.

Saturday Morning: Get Your Sugar Rush

There’s no better way to start a morning on vacation than by eating a doughnut. This isn’t the typical breakfast you’d feed your kids at home, but you’re on vacation, so live a little. One of the best places to do that is the Doughnut Vault. Other great options are Delightful Pastries, Dinkel’s Bakery and Somethin’ Sweet Donuts.

Saturday Mid-Morning: Get Out on the Town

After breakfast, it’s time to burn off some of that energy from all the sugar. At this time, why not enjoy some of Chicago’s family activities that are free? There are plenty to choose from, but some of the top ones are visiting The Bean in Millennium Park or heading to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
If your family likes sightseeing and walking, head to the Lakeshore Trail, which runs next to Lake Michigan, or head to the Navy Pier.

Saturday Afternoon: Set Your Sights High

After grabbing lunch at a location spot, one of the best family activities in Chicago is to see the city from above from the Skydeck. This is an especially great activity for weekend travelers, as it’ll let you see the entire city in a short amount of time. Your kids will love looking out over the city from 1,353 feet high. You will be able to see the entire city of Chicago from all angles from above.

Saturday Mid-Afternoon: Catch a Breather

Your Saturday has been packed with family activities so far, so it’s time to catch a little breather. Head back to your ENVITAE for a quick mid-afternoon rest (and maybe a nap). It’ll be easy to do so, as your room will make you feel like you’re in your home away from home.

Saturday Night: Have a Secret Dinner

Early Saturday evening, before the adult crowds go out on the town, give your kids a unique experience for with a secret dinner. One of Chicago’s most unique restaurants is called Safehouse where you, “Enter the world of a spy.” The entire restaurant is spy theme, and you even need to whisper the secret password in order to enter the restaurant. If you don’t know the password, you’ll have to pass a “fun clearance” to prove you’re not a double agent. This is a great family activity in Chicago.

Sunday Morning: Grab a Kid-Friendly Breakfast

The morning of your last day in Chicago, start your day off right with a good breakfast at RJ. Grunts. This family-friendly restaurant has an enormous menu, including an all-u-can-eat weekend brunch.
Again, you’re on vacation, so let your kids (and spouse) indulge in whatever they choose from the wide selection.

Sunday Afternoon: Visit a Museum

For the last activity of your weekend in Chicago, it’s time to hit up a museum. Chicago has plenty of museums that are kid-friendly and are wonderful family activities. You could spend hours at the Museum of Science and Industry and not get bored. There are interactive activities for kids and adults of all ages. It’s a unique museum that you may not get to experience in other cities.
Other great family activities can be had at the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum of Natural History.

Whatever you choose to do during your weekend trip to Chicago, you’ll have plenty of family activities to choose from to make it a vacation your family will never forget.

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