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The 7 Best Bars in Long Beach You Need to See

Long Beach CA is full of sights to see and adventures to be had. Their nightlife doesn't disappoint either. There are bars with many different vibes along the beach and nestled amid the busy downtown area. Days of fun can be spent at Long Beach alone and doing so shouldn't be regretted. At some point, everyone needs to relax and let down their hair. Whittling down the choices of bars to visit can be nigh impossible. That is why the top seven best bars in Long Beach have been gathered right here on this list. They are not put in any particular order because everyone has their own preferences. Read on to discover new places to go and have fun.

Number One - Joe Jost's

Since it opened in 1924, Joe Jost's has been a roaring success and has maintained its reputation throughout history. Combining its vintage decor and pool room, along with delicious cold beer, the bar has remained a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The food and alcohol have remained well priced throughout the years, even during hard times. Located at 2803 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, the bar is an easy spot to get to.

Their vintage vibe makes for a comfortable dining and drinking experience. Add in the signature pickled eggs, roasted peanuts, sandwiches and traditional beers, there is no reason that this bar should be passed on.

Joe Jost's Website Link:

<... Two - The Pike

Located on 4th and Hermosa on Retro Row, Long Beach, The Pike is a nautical place set up more like a restaurant. However, when the sun sets and the night crowd comes out, The Pike becomes a music venue with beer, nighttime food options, and a relaxed atmosphere. On the weekends, they stay open until 1 am, so there is plenty of socializing and drinking to be done. One of their signature drinks "The Brewery Wit The Funk" has a bit of a kick but is well worth a try.

Upon visiting The Pike it is apparent everyone is having a great time. Newcomers are welcomed to join the fun, so go ahead and do so. They pride themselves on the friendly vibe they have built up over years and it definitely shows.

The Pike's Website Link:

... Three - Hamburger Mary's

Settled on Pine Avenue in the heart of downtown hasn't touched the popularity of Hamburger Mary's, the largest gay bar in town. They are a full-service restaurant, offering a wide range of drinks and food to please any taste. If you were turned away by the fact that it is a gay bar, don't let that be a deterrence. Everyone regardless of sexual orientation is welcome at Hamburger Mary's to experience the drag shows, Sunday meals, and karaoke. They have so many great foods and drink options on their menu that it is almost impossible to choose which is their signature. It is better to go and decide on experience.

Hamburger Mary's Website Link: Four - The Blind Donkey

On Linden Ave, The Blind Donkey is a well-known bar with its visitors typically being those in their late twenties. What makes this bar unique is the fact that is situated in the basement of a building downtown. Within the bar, there are a number of activities like Skee-Ball, karaoke, photo booths, and billiards. The bar's signature drinks are their whiskeys, which they have become famous for. The Manhattan and Mules are only two of the classic whiskeys on their menu. Their cocktail and beer menu is no slouch either.

The youthful vibes in the bar will certainly give you a boost of energy to flagging tourists and locals.

The Blind Donkey's Website Link: Five - The 4th Horsemen

This apocalypse themed bar is sat on West 4th Street and is well known among lovers of horror and gore. Inside the bar, there are a number of TV's that show horror and slasher films on a loop until closing time. The tables, lighting, and flooring all add to the moody feel. The walls weren't left untouched either, plastered with posters from popular movies like Scream, Friday The 13th, and Night Of The Living Dead. They have an excellent list of craft beers that come from the local area, but what they are well known for is their pizzas. The 16-inch pizzas come in a variety of styles and are some of the most delicious around.

Don't be deterred by their dark and moody vibes. All of the staff and customers are friendly and welcoming. Even if you aren't a fan of the horror genre, it is still worth a visit.

The 4th Horsemen's Website Link: https://www.the4thhorsemanlbc.... Six - Belmont Brewing Company

25 39th Pl in Long Beach is the location of the Belmont Brewing Company. They are the oldest brewpub in southern California and have been making excellent craft brews since the 90s. They excel in an open and welcoming atmosphere along the beachfront for a relaxing experience. Their food and drinks are excellent as they have been since opening day. Every month they have a special beer to try. The signature drink is the Skinny Key Lime Pie Martini. Whipped vodka, lime juice, and coconut water make for an unforgettable experience.

Belmont Brewing Company's Website Link: Seven - Prospector

The Prospector bar on East 7th Streets can seem intimidating with the exterior paintings of miners and dark appearance But by night the bar becomes an energetic and friendly place full of locals and tourists. The Prospector has cheap drinks and good food, along with local bands that play almost every night. All of their drinks are equally good, and they don't have a signature drink, which is the only downside. However, that doesn't mean the Prospector is not worth a visit. They are cheap, have a welcoming vibe, and host talented bands for entertainment.

Prospector's Website Link:

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