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7 exciting kids activities to do in Chicago for the summer

Are you wondering what to do with your kids during the summer break? Well, Chicago offers a bevy of activities to keep your children entertained. It’s time to discover new passions and follow their interests. Here are some kids' activities in Chicago that you should add to their summer checklist.

Chicago Botanical Garden

Chicago Botanical Garden sits on 385 acres of land. If your kids are super active, they can hide in the log tunnels, roll down the hills, or run on the grassy Esplanade. Also, they can engage in creative activities with natural materials. Throughout the week, the garden offers drop-in activities like paper kites, Japanese calligraphy, and other craft projects. And because the garden is stroller-friendly, you can bring your small children. In the evening, the kids can watch live concerts and performances. Perhaps the best way to explore the garden is to ensure the kids have a relaxed attitude.

Chicago Magic Lounge

While the lounge is not suitable for toddlers, it will surely delight kids above five years. Every Sunday, there's a family show that features age-appropriate material. The show is very interactive because the magicians call lots of volunteers for help. Even the kids who love to keep their hands down will enjoy the show. More interestingly, the lounge offers kitchen service with a special menu that includes chicken fingers and home run pizzas.

Explore Lincoln Zoo Park

This is one of the oldest zoos in Chicago that offers free admission. Your kids will love to give the legs the much-needed break by taking a locomotive ride on the Lionel train adventure. The 28-passenger train has cheery music playing on the background and is best suited for kids above two years. You can make it super exciting for them by buying a wooden train in the pavilion. And because the area is fenced off, you can keep an eye on the kids.

Nature enthusiasts can see rare species of zebra, ostriches, pandas, seals, and gorillas. But the fun doesn't end here. The kids will have a chance to see a little county life. This is where they connect with pet goats and ponies. Of course, the adventure won't be complete without taking a treetop canopy adventure. Your kids will have fun climbing study ropes and tunnels. Inside the tunnel, there are small animal exhibits of snails and turtles waiting to be explored. Every summer, Lincoln Zoo Park offers lots of activities and educational programs for children.

Visit The Chicago Children's Museum

Chicago Children's Museum is suitable for kids below 10 years. It offers plenty of ways to play. They will enjoy making a big splash in squirting water, dressing up like a firefighter and sketching in an authentic art studio. During the summer season, the museum offers two-hour trips to educational institutions, daycare centers, religious organizations, and charitable groups. Keep in mind, your children can explore the exhibits by age (babies/toddlers and kids above 4 years). If your kids love challenges, they will have fun exploring the family climbing schooner.

Today, the museum works as a place for imaginative play and STEM experiments to over 11 million children. This is a place where children can show their creativity and experimentation. More interestingly, the museum offers free admission on the first Sunday of the month to children below 15 years. Since most of the things here are geared towards kids below 6 years, those above 9 years can spend their time in the building section. The first floor is a big hit for kids who love setting up their situations. This is where you watch their creativity come to life.

Chicago Architecture Theatre

The architecture theater offers kid's entertainment and tells how the city came to be. Your kids will get hands-on experience o architectural history and the future. And because the building is located at the center of the city, the Chicago skyline will take their breath away. During summer, there are classes and studio programs to keep the kids engaged.

The most notable area is the Chicago gallery. It contains the largest 3D model that shows the city's downside area is not a sight to behold. Your kids will learn the original city boundaries and other famous buildings. Furthermore, there's a cart of books that help the visitors rely on the story of the city. Also, the kids can make colorful exhibits of the neighborhoods and understand the challenges they face.

Every week, there are take-home activities that include story and art time. And during the weekend there's a mobile architecture lab that roams around performing demos to visitors. Finally, the kids can get an insight h Chicago to look in the future. If your little ones need to take some rest, they can use the benches in the atrium. The Chicago Architecture Theatre is open from 9:am to 5:pm daily.

Millennium Park

The Millennium Park encompasses The Maggie Daley Park and plenty of seasonal activities. It features a three-story park entitled the `Cloud Gate' - The Bean. This is an iconic image in the city of Chicago. Your kids will love to walk at the center and see their image reflected. Keep in mind this is a popular sightseeing destination, so you'll find lots of crowds when the weather is favorable.

Another iconic feature is the crown fountain. It sprays water on the ground below, so kids will love to splash and play in the water. You may want to bring a towel and fresh clothes. You'll also find an array of activities including ice-skating, rock climbing, and a large playground. Apart from that, there's an outdoor pavilion that hosts movies and music in the summer season.

Maggie Daley Park

This is a magnificent recreational center that offers a climbing wall, skating ribbon, mini-golf, and a tennis court. Let your kids explore the themed splash pads, tunnels, bridges, climbing walls, and expansive green space. One of the coolest things your kids can do is to explore the pedestrian bridge on Lake Shore Drive. And because the biggest portion of the garden is the play park, you'll find different play areas for kids from two years and above. Don't forget to buy your kid an ice cream as there isn't much shade in the park.

Chicago is arguably one of the best places to take your kids during the summer holiday. However, even the most self-entertaining kids can sometimes run out of ideas. If you want to take your children outdoors, you may want to consider the above fun activities. Have a rewarding summer!

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